About us?
Sinfonía por el Perú was founded by the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez to benefit disadvantaged children in his country.
In very little time, and through the power of music, participants develop a higher self-esteem, greater tenacity to achieve goals, increased creativity and better ways of living together in society, according to a rigorous impact assessment conducted by the Bureau of Studies for Development - GRADE.

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What is a core group?
It is the musical training unit where the project is developed in a Peruvian town. It serves between 400 and 600 children in choirs, orchestras, and for some cores, in jazz bands.

Within the core groups, achievements can only be obtained if there is teamwork thus developing tolerance, perseverance, responsibility, but especially self-esteem when a child feels valued by their peers and becomes his her family’s pride.

There are currently over 7000 beneficiaries in 21 cores, two luthier’s Workshop and a Symphony Orchestra and Young's Choir where representatives from all cores demonstrate their progress to the public and people like you can help.
Where we are?
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Contact Us

Av. Larco Nro. 724 piso 10 – Miraflores, Lima – Perú

Phone: (51 1) 444-3293

Email: informes@sinfoniaporelperu.org

Web: www.sinfoniaporelperu.org

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